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We here at Datalyze believe that for any projects related to Data Analytics, Audits – Internal or External or Forensic audit it require three Ts

First and foremost – Theory. Here before starting any project we should have clear objective in mind. WHAT are we really looking to achieve or audit.

Then, when we have decided we should start thinking about HOW we are going to achieve WHAT we are looking. Using different Technologies (software tools) we should be able to achieve this.

And Finally the most important link – People. We need people who understand both WHAT and HOW questions. Further, once we develop a tool we also need people to maintain it.

The steps which we follow to achieve all this is:

Three Steps

Thus, we will first collect and analyse the data. We will present the data to gain more insights which may not apparent during analysis. And finally we will use various decision making models to finalise.

There are various software tools you can use under each of this step which needs to be evaluated based on Cost, Ease of using and scalability.

On this site you will find material related to all of three Ts and three steps which can been seen in a matrix way.

Currently for software tools we are restricting our scope to Power BI suite, Excel and Tableau.